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Looks like some nice stuff! I definetly dont have that kind of cash to shell out right now though. Good luck with it and post some install pics when you get it.

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My experience with the Arata Full-Ti pipe

I have had my Arata for about a thousand miles now. Most of my time using it was spent on the track, and some on the street. I've had a couple of people notice this fact from my pics, and they have PM'd me asking me to tell them about it. I've already typed a couple of lengthy responses about the pipe and even though I'm glad to help out a fellow 600RR rider, typing basically the same thing over again gets tiresome.

Here's the latest message I wrote about my experience with the pipe. I hope it helps you other prospective Arata owners:

So far my experience with this pipe is good. It's not too difficult to install and dismantle. (Make sure you have a spring puller.) Being one of the early Arata owners, I did have a problem with one of the header pipes touching the oil cooling reservoir, but I was able to get a replacement pipe without hassle. I'm told the latest Arata pipes for the 600RR do not have this problem anymore.

Oh yeah another thing, the inner corner of silencer touches the plastic undertray. It touches it enough to melt it. So what I did was cut away tha piece of the undertray that came into contact with the pipe. I mostly use my bike on the track so for me, it's not a problem, plus you can't even notice it. I only discovered it when I removed the tail. It's no loger an issue.

I have never dynoed my bike with my Arata pipe. So I can't relay to you any exact numbers. (I think there are some dyno charts on the board though.) But I really didn't have a need to do a dyno run, it has Kyle Racing's custom map on the PCIII that I bought with it. But I have ridden the bike on the track in stock form and I can compare it to riding with the Full Exhuast fitted. I thought the bike felt lighter with the Arata, I'm told the pipe weighs 9lbs.! Even boxed up up, the entire thing is really light. In tight switchback turns the less weight makes it feel easier to go thru. As for the Power gains, I felt that in the straights the bike was faster to accelerate. The bike definitely feels faster with it on. Fuel economy goes down though. I have tried this exhaust on a Cali bike and a 49-state bike, and the feel of the power gain is the same. But I did find out that the 49-state benefits more from this pipe.

In comparison, I had a 2001 R6, I only had a Micron slip-on. I remember the difference between the stock set-up and the slip-on wasn't too noticeable, (except for the sound) but with a 600RR and the full system you will definitely notice a difference from stock.

As for the looks of the pipe. I like the look of Titanium. It doesn't sit straight under the tail though. The offcentered pipe allows better airflow. It's definitely gives it the race look. The welds and over quality of the pipe is excellent. You'll notice the S-bend up pipe has a wider diameter, at the Laguna Seca Races Dan Kyle told me that it was designed that way to add a couple of more horses to the overall power. I think the logo on the can even looks good.

I think an added bonus is that not everyone knows about Arata. It's just cool to have something that no else knows about. I think you'll enjoy the Arata. Are you buying from Kyle Racing? From my own experience, they have great customer service. I hope I didn't ramble too much, and that my feedback can help you.
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