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Pirelli Diablo? good track day tire?

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i've been using dunlop Q2s for my bike, mix of track days and street riding and been very happy with them, but i need a new rear tire. i was looking around for a good deal on a Q2 and came across a good deal on pirelli diablos, cycle gear has them for $190 a set. is the perelli diablo as good a tire as the dunlop Q2? will it fare well on the track? i ride at fast B group pace and hoping to get bumped to I group on my next track day, so i'll need a tire that works well for that pace.

Thanks for any help.
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Pirelli Diablo you will probably find has less performance on the track than the Q2's, however Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa are apparently just awesome. I have many track buddies that use these on their track bikes and love them.

I have never rode with anybody on track that just has the Diablo, which tells you something. They really aren't even sold by Pirelli as street/track tires, more aggressive street.

Personally, I use the Q2 for my bike which does double duty (track/street)
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