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Hey guys and gals,
Our next date is Sunday and Monday, August 8th and 9th at NJMP on the F1 Karting Liberator course. We are adding the much anticipated stock crf/xr50 10" wheel Goofball class. No rules here except 10" wheels and 4 stroke so bring your beater and have fun.
We would love to have everyone there. Bring whatever you have, there are classes for all bike types as seen below. I cannot stress enough how MANDATORY the riders meeting is at 8:30 sharp. If you're not there you may not be able to get on track. Tech and registration both close prior to the riders meeting. Race classes are below and the typical race day schedule is at this link.

Race Classes

Ages 5-17 with little to no track riding experience
Bikes limited to:
50cc 2 stroke
110cc 4 stroke

Ages can vary (under 17 requires approval)
Bikes limited to:
63cc 2 stroke
125cc 4 stroke (horizontal)
120cc 4 stroke (vertical)

Ages can vary (under 17 requires approval)
Bike types no larger than:
65cc 2 stroke
150cc air cooled 4 stroke
130cc liquid cooled 4 stroke

Super Mini
Ages can vary (under 17 requires approval)
Bike Types no larger than:
105cc 2 stroke
187cc air cooled 4 stroke
150cc liquid cooled 4 stroke

Must be 17 yrs old or older
Bike must be a stock Honda NSR50 or NSF100
Only suspension and brake modifications allowed

Must be 17 yrs old or older
Bikes no smaller than:
249 cc 4 stroke
No road race chassis allowed

NJ MiniGP Endurance races will all be limited to F2 class displacement rules and below. We will be holding very firm on engine displacements of 150cc air cooled four stroke, 130cc liquid cooled four stroke, and 65cc two stroke. We need to adhere to this rule structure for many different reasons. If there are any questions at all please dont hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Also, subscribe to the newsletter which will have important information regarding the series each month.
Endurance Series Rules
2 riders per team max
2 bikes per team max
F2 motor displacement max (very strict)
Mandatory rider change every half hour
Bike must be entirely in pit stall prior to second bike leaving
One transponder per team
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