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Pix of a small meet in Vancouver, Canada

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Here is some pix of a small meet that happened over the weekend.

I was hoping to have a bit more ppl and bikes but I think it was an alrite turnout.

Hope u guys enjoy the pixs.

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:?: Am I the only one who can not see picts and only see "Thanks for stealing our bandwith" :?:
hmmmm I can see them now, nice.
sorry about that...if u cant see them here then pls check the photo album. thx
Can see them. Man, a group of RRs is something to :drool: over.
I couldnt stop drooling when I was there. :oops:

whens the next get together? i love Van BC.. im in WA and will gladly make the trip up there.
I like the exhaust dose all the Moriwalki exhaust come out the side like that????
Ahhh I can see said the blind man.......... I like the exhaust, but I'm not heavy on the color.... I like the arrow more I must say.

lookin good man!
that mori setup looks real sweet in person. you can definitely tell its of high quality. craftmanship and fit is top notch. the picture doesn't do any justice to the pipes at all. i didn't care much for it in the pictures back then but seeing it up close is something else.

maverick: next one is on may 29th, hope to see our southern brothers would come up and join us.
I dunno... Whenever I see the Moriwaki I think:

Don't ask me why, that's just what it reminds me of... Not sure if it's the asymmetry, but it just doesn't quite look right (must admit that I haven't seen it in person tho).
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Nice pics, I am not a fan of that exhaust either though
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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