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Just changed the fuel pump om my rr. bike will not start.
1. pump starts when I turn the ignition, it stays to build preasure then cuts out.
2. I recharged the battery to 13.4 v. triying to start it last night drained it.
3. has new plugs, coils.
4. I ran it last sunday to see if my problem was fixed after changing the coils but the bike continues to shut off out the blue; I 'be riding and it just cuts off and sometimes if I stayed on the clucht the bike would start and stay on for a while and would do this on and off. tryed different fuels no break...

I have checked all the conection on the harness, took voltage reading on some sensors, checked the "bas" so they apear to be fine. any one with Ideas or sugestions.
looks like maybe when I changed the pump air got in the system?
could this be it?
I also get one blink on the mil. indicator sugesting it has somthing to do with the map sensor. how can it go bad by changing the pum?
thanks in advance for your advice.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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