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Popped my track-cherry the hardcore way.**NO 56k**

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Well I finnally did it, I went to the track and got to experiance first hand what it is like to go balls to the wall on a track. Now that I've done it I'm addicted and have begun to sign up for a flury of track days.

My first day was at Thunder Hill with trackxperience on 9/25/06 and that was a great way to start out. The way thier program works is its pretty much an open track all day long instead of having specific groups go out, they let everyone go out at once and just have fun. This allowed me A LOT of track time exposure thus allowing me to gain my confidence quickly. And I did not follow the advice of many and decided to RIDE up and back on my bike. The two hour drive at 4am was FARKING COLD.

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Then I drove up on my bike again to Thunderhill on 9/27/06 with Pacific Track Time. This time I got to truly see a A, B, C group format and was signed up with the C group. I actually managed to run into a couple members on here, I'll let them chime in on their own. They also can vouch for me for those that don't believe I rode up and WAS FREEZING.

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And for my final insane drive to Laguna Sec on my bike on 9/28/06 with Red Shift. This was more of a Class oriented C group type of thing which was actually nice because I got to learn the track and improve on some things I was lacking. The one SHATTY part about this though was that in the morning the track was coverd in fog which meant that the first sesion was under a standing yellow the entire time. This track was insanely fun and seemed to be much more difficult than Thunder hill IMO.

Note: there weren't as many good pics of Laguna because of the Fog in the morning and the fact that this was more of a Class oriented thing and we really weren't let lose untill the last two track sessions.

Pictures were taken by Dito Milian from For those of you who havn't met the guy he's really nice and takes some great pictures, I recomend you at least buy a CD from him. The pictures alone will help you evaluate yourself tremendously.
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Oh and for those that can't tell...BONE STOCK BIKE.

Except for the Pilot Powers yeah...on my tank at Laguna..Those are Mapquest directions to the track.

THEY WERE FRIGGIN WRONG, I ended up wandering around Salinas for 30min before I found the track. I got all pissed and mixed up that I didn't think I'd be able to remember they way back home so I left them on so I could try to backtrack my way home.
I'll be going to Laguna this Friday Oct. 6th actually. Club Desmo is running a trackday their that day, it was a last minute thing that they were able to get the track that day, Some spots might still be open.

I'm running C class though, only my 4th trackday ever and my bike is still stock. I'm most likely going to buy some race tires this friday instead of running my Pilot Powers.
blue_rrockit said:
wow 3 trackdays in 3 weeks....u did a flyaway like the motogp dudes these past 3 races, lol. lookin' damn good out there for a 1st time tracker. i did my 1st on the 25th with red shift at buttonwillow and their class set-up is pretty good, i just wish they talked more about body positioning and throttle control...also, the main instructor (dan i think) was talking all day about passing nicely and on the 2nd session after lunch he buzzes by me on the straight away...what an ass hahaha.

i agree with u about buying pics, i just went to the website of the guy that did my trackday and tried to critque myself from the low-res pics. glad u had a good time and yea i agree with snik and others get urself a a truck or something dude.

oh yea one more thing laguna is like in the boons...i like all the "danger explosive testing site" signs as u ride in, lol. go figure why they have a decibel limit at that track with that going on in their backyard.
Actually it was 3 trackdays in ONE week.....Not to toot my own horn or anything....TOOT. (Edit: wow I just read that and it sounded uber ghey)

And yes the main instructor with Redshift is Dan.

OH and Yes I will be attending the OCT. 6th trackday at Laguna with Club Desmo. I just purchaced a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo V8 today and will have to scramble to find a trailor hitch for it so I can toss my bike on a U-haul Trailor tomorrow night.
lol...ya I removed the feeleres on my first day at Thill because I was grinding them too much.

The last pic on my Laguna Seca portion I actually dragged my peg and toe on that one...photographer just took the pic before the apex of the turn is all.
Well the sucky part about Friday....The trailor I rented got a Flat Tire....GHEYYYYYYYY.

Slowest_One said:
man, that's hardcore. i can't imagine myself riding to the track. but im glad you had a blast!

looks like we live in the same neighborhood. im i Concord. you should try out Sears Point/Infineon Raceway. it's my fave within our immediate area.
So far from what I've seen there aren't many trackdays at Sears Point/Infineon.

I signed up for one in Dec...hope it isn't raining that day. If so, that will make an interesting track day.
Yes...Dec. 6 with ZZ.....I want to get a few more track days in before I decide if I'm ready to hold the ass end of the AFM. If so....I'm going to be poor next year.
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