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Popped my track-cherry the hardcore way.**NO 56k**

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Well I finnally did it, I went to the track and got to experiance first hand what it is like to go balls to the wall on a track. Now that I've done it I'm addicted and have begun to sign up for a flury of track days.

My first day was at Thunder Hill with trackxperience on 9/25/06 and that was a great way to start out. The way thier program works is its pretty much an open track all day long instead of having specific groups go out, they let everyone go out at once and just have fun. This allowed me A LOT of track time exposure thus allowing me to gain my confidence quickly. And I did not follow the advice of many and decided to RIDE up and back on my bike. The two hour drive at 4am was FARKING COLD.

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Don't worry that's my job, LOL I just race for fun, to get better and of course for the experience.
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