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Hey riders, I have used the search function for this problem but haven't found an answer that could help me.

So I recently took my bike in for its 4k mi tune up and oil change and bike was running fine. At the time my tag light was fading out and in the process of putting a new one on I blew one of the fuses. I replaced the blown fuse and just for safe measure replaces all the 10A fuses

But I was out riding today and when I put my bike in neutral at a light or even when it was in gear, the bike would sometimes randomly die. I thought it was idling kind of low anyway (~1500 Rpms) and then when it would die, I would just press the starter to fire it up and it wouldn't fire up right away, had to hold the throttle open a bit.

So I guess my question is, Could it be a low idle problem or did I possibly do something electrical that its not keeping bike on? my apologies for the wall of text
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