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This popped up on a local forum today. If any of you live in the area or just want to help out, fill out the survey and send it to the email address listed.

Mid America Powersports is collecting surveys to help convince investors that a race track is a good idea. I love the idea of a track close to home. It is a bit tight liped, but it sounds like this thing is close to happening. Please take a few minutes and complete this survey. You can email it to MAP or drop it by 333 N West. If you can't scan the survey, just send them an email listing the question numbers and answers. Be sure to put "Racetrack Survey" in the subject line. Email to: [email protected]


Help Bring a Full Feature Road Course to Wichita!
Please fill out this brief survey and return it to your sales consultant.

Name:____________________________________ Age:__________

State of Residence:______________ County: ___________________

Gender: Male/Female

1. Do you currently own a motorcycle yes/no
2. If so, what make, model and engine size?_________________________
3. How long have you been riding motorcycles? ______________________
4. Have you ever been to a road course before? yes/no
5. Have you ever participated in a track day before? yes/no
6. If so, what track was it?________________________________________
7. If a road course was build in Wichita area, would you attend track days for motorcycles? yes/no
8. If so, how often would you attend track events?
9. Every Weekend – Every other weekend – once a month – less than that
10. Would you attend as a spectator or rider? _________________________
11. Would you participate in any racing events? _______________________
12. If so, what size of bike would you like to race? ______________________
13. Would you like to be contacted with more info regarding this Course? yes/no
14. If so, please list your email address:_______________________________

If you have any comments regarding the possibility of a road course in your area please write them below.
Thanks for your participation!

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