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Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I just joined since I was researching CBR RR's. I also wanted to get people's thoughts on this.

I recently sold my 01 CBR F4i. I was gonna wait until next season to pick up a new or used bike. I know that I want a Honda CBR 600 RR. The F4i was my second bike. So, since today was a relatively nice day and I didn't have a motorcycle to ride, I went to a dealership and checked out the 06 RR's and being that the 07's are coming in, they are trying to get rid of the 06's. So, being curious, I asked how much the bike would be with taxes, tags, reg, etc.... The OTD price of an 06 RR was $8374. So, being that the dealership said it was much lower than MSRP, I was wondering what people thought about this price.

Next, I'm deciding on whether to get it in silver or black. I've seen plenty of black ones, so I'm leaning towards the silver. I know it's ultimately my decision, but I wanted to hear other opinions. Thanks
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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