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Post pics of your tank dent

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like the title says...

ive been slowly denting mine in more and more... post some pics so i can see how deep some of you have been able to get yours...

i still cant scrape spreader without falling off
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uh.. my bike doesn't have any dents ;-) sure he means that he takes off the plastic COVERING. and dents his in...i dont care to do it. my bike is pretty. not a stunt bike.

edit--upon readin his name...F4. id assume he has an F4i. metal tank. cool bro. f4i's are great for stuntin. the RR isnt so i doubt anyone really has it done.
nah he has a 6rr now, seen him on stuntlife, the way people dent the tank from what I've read is they remove the plastic cover, then dent the tank in underneath, place the cover back on and use a heat gun to mold it back, a while ago I saw someone who did it real good but I can find the pic anymore..
yea, i ride a 600rr.... its just easier to keep the same name cuase im on stuntlife and stuntusa too... if you look at my avatar, you can tell its defintally a RR

but i posted this in the STUNT section... so if you want to give my crap about this or that, blow it up your ass.

and yes. to DENT the tank. you take of the plastic cover, dent in the real tank. then put the cover back on and melt it into the tank.

AS I STATED: mine is dented but i dont like it, and just wanted to see pics of other tanks to see how theirs ended up.
ill see if I can find the pic, was searchin earlier but didnt come up with anything.
I am about to do this on my 06, would like to see pictures of other tanks before I do mine though.
cexodusk said:
I am about to do this on my 06, would like to see pictures of other tanks before I do mine though.
good luck, r6 tanks are HORRIBLE.... there is NO POSSIBLE way to get a good dent on it.
Ceph said:

that came out REALLY good. im jeliouse
nope, that's Jeramy's tank. the ones we did didn't get dented in quite so far. but i don't think i have pics of them.
i need to dent mine down more like that one too
i saw a guy who had his plastic off, but had a complete bowl shape to his tank. it was all leval. . . but a perfect bowl. he just did it himself with a hammer, came out nice. dented in rather far, few inches.
i did mine but it f#%king turned out horrible!!!! looks ugly as hell, but it functions!!! lol, form over function
i went for round 4 with mine last night... i can still get it alot better but after 2 hours i gave up for the night

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heres a couple pictures of thinking about reheating the plastic to make it a little more comfy
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