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Hey everyone, I'm not an advertiser or paid etc. Just letting others know of my powder coating experience so I can hopefully either warn you, or recommend you to.

Writing a review to spread the word about a Powdercoating company in Alberta. Located just outside of Calgary, Alberta. This could be big news for anyone looking for powdercoating work done as this company is competitively priced with quick turnaround time. I contacted every shop in Calgary and Edmonton, and his prices are about the same as Top Gun Coating in Calgary without the 3 week turn around time and the "we don't strip paint here, you'll have to take it elsewhere to strip first".

For the guys in the US, this probably won't apply to you as much since you guys have powder coating available all over the place it seems.

I have a 2007 CBR600RR in Tribal Blue this year and decided to powdercoat the wheels and some vortex levers in candy blue with gloss clear coat over top. I don't have many pictures as of right now since the bike was just torn apart and the wheels were just dropped off today and I'm expecting them back in about 3 days time. I will definitely update this thread with pictures, quality of worksmanship etc.

Anyone nearby or local that's interested in powder coating work, check out Kojah Powder Coating @

The owner and painter is named Mike and he'll basically powder coat anything as seen on his website. Because his shop is outside the city, about an hour depending on where you are located, he does offer pick up and drop off etc. I just drove out and dropped it off with him since my life schedule is way too hectic.

So far, I'm pretty content with the price. It is definitely much more competitively priced than the shops in Calgary and Edmonton. And by shops I mean the whole like... three available.

Will keep everyone posted soon ! If the worksmanship comes out nicely, I'm going to have a lot of stuff to powdercoat =)
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