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Project Black; my new RR !!!

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Well, I had nothing better to do all winter then think of what I would like to do to my new bike. I think it's a bit different, but without the bilng bling factor I hope.

With out any further adieu, here she is...

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I really like the rims. looks really cool
i like it ,its different....good job! :D
Like the Repsol rims and the Honda Wing sticker on the tank. All the other stickers have to go though.
I used reflective black vinyl, like some cop cars. The color only shows up at certain angles, or with intense light directly hitting it.
sweet bike! i like the reflective tape thing. makes it stand out a night. you should do something else orange to support the rims - make them "fit in"
I like the black and orange combo. I'm not a fan of the reflective stickers though. Sweet idea! :twisted:
the black and orange looks great but those other stickers are gay...

would look good with just honda in orange...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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