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Projector help

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I'm retrofitting some projectors into my bike and I'm confused about the wiring part of it. I have a pair of FX-R bi-xenon projectors and a 2009 CBR.

And obviously I want both projectors' low beams on at all times, and I want both high beams activated by the factory high beam switch. I've had just a plug and play HID kit on this bike for a few months before I learned about the benefits of projectors. And, just like the stock halogens, one side is the low beam and one side is the high beam. How do I make sure that both sides will be low AND high beam when my projectors are installed?

Now, I'm not sure how the lydia projectors are built, but for mine, each projector has 2 wires coming from it to activate the solenoid (one positive and one ground). Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm guessing they are supposed to be connected to the factory high beam wires...which are where exactly? And would that mean that I connect all 4 wires to those factory wires? This kinda ties into my next question: to get both projectors to work as low beams, do I need to connect both ballasts to the same wires as well?

This is my first retro and I'm just trying to get it all figured out, and I clearly can't figure it out myself haha. If anybody is familiar with this sort of thing I would greatly appreciate some help! I can take some pictures if it would clear any of this up for anyone. Thanks everyone
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You need to connect both Hid Ballasts to the low beam side of wiring. This will keep both on all the time when the bike is on. Then both solenoids will connect to the factory hi beam side of the wiring, that way, when the high beam is switch is activated, both solenoids activate and both projectors switch to a "high beam".
Ohhh alright that makes sense. So basically they're side-specific so to speak and I need to find room for 2 ballasts on the low beam side of the bike, right?
iunno what year you have, but check my sig

others have used my wiring diagram in their write ups too
I bought my HID projectors from Lydia
^ his diagram was very helpfull... your wires may be a different color but you should be able to figure it out..
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