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Proton Install Help...

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i need just a little bit of clarification... (checked the forum & all i could find under the "How To" section was for a 11' but still had questions...)

***And pre-sorry for the crappy cell phone @ wrk)

ok so i know the instructions say to cut the old connector off the previous turn sigs which would be black connector...

then connect the connector to the proton sigs...Proton Red to OEM running light wire (which is the yellow wire in above pic correct)...Proton Black to OEM ground wire (which is black wire in above pic correct)

if all thats correct so get the desired blinking pattern for the protons all i would do is grab the corresponding wire combo (Normal Blink = only orange, Strobe = only yellow, Fade = orange & yellow) from the remaining Proton wires & wire them in with the yellow wire from the previous flush mount turn sigs plug? then plug -n- play?

Not a wiring pro...just needed to get some clarification...correct me if im wrong.
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i will take a quick look for ya.
Connect the black and the red for normal blink interval.
The two other wires are for strobe of fade or something
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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