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Puig Double Bubble or Touring Screen?

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Anybody have a Puig touring screen on their 600rr? I'm about 6'1 and i'm worried the double bubble won't be high enough. But I also don't want to put the touring screen on if its gana look terrible. Anyone have pics?
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What kind of riding do you do?
Trackdays and Racing = Double Bubble
long distance riding (1000+ in a weekend) = Touring
Posing = Double Bubble
Well, I ride to NYC from DC once a month or every other month in the warmer months to visit friends. When I do that, it can be up to 1000 miles in a weekend w/ all the riding I do once I'm there. And it would be nice to have that protection for the long highway riding. But I also don't want it to look terrible, which is why I was asking for pics. I plan on starting to do track days next summer. Anyone use a touring screen?
Personally the touring screen loooks like butt.
I use the double bubble for my trackbikes.
Check out and ask around we have a few folks with them.
I like my Double Bubble and am close to 6ft, works well. Never used the other one you speak of.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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