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Puig Windscreen

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For you with this windscreen, Did it seem to fit? I got mine on and the part above the center light doesn't seem to fit. It looks ok but the windscreen seems to stick out abit. Anyone? The windscreen looks great and works better, Over all I like it.
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I have one on my race bike and love it.
yea, mine does the same thing, but its not noticeable unless your up close and even then it doesnt look bad.

I have one on my bike and the fit is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!
a friend of mine has that windscreen (MONKS01 - from this board) and it actually looks good... i like it...
Yeah its not bad but it does have a slight edge on it.
I put mine on 2 weeks ago and the fit and finish is perfect. However this post has sparked my interest...I think I'll go and check it out closer.
Its the small tip of the wind screen, just above the center marker light. It seem to stick out just abit. :wink:
You are absolutely right! I went out into my garage, with camera in hand to prove you wrong. I look at it from the side and I'll be damned it does stick out a slight bit.

But, like was mentioned earlier, you can't see it unless you are looking at it from the side and intently looking right at it.

Overall, I still love it!
Don't get me wrong, I love this screen, Its one of the best upgrades i've done. Well the best this week. :lol2: Its wonderful at highway speeds.
im interested in this screen. any if you guys care to post pics? my cousin has one on his r6, craftmanship is top notch. that screen is thick!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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