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Question about Tripage FE and Leo vince exhaust

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Hey guys. So I recently received Tripage's adjustable FE and I'm installing a Leo Vince 7735 exhaust. When I ordered the FE, I also ordered the leo Vince bracket to come with it which I presume was the extra metal slab that came in the package. I tried last night to install the FE onto the Leo Vince bracket (which is carbon fiber), but when that metal slab goes inside the bracket, it completely screws up the curvature of the bracket and thus the bracket does not correctly wrap around the exhaust so my question is:

Did anyone that has a leo vince exhaust order the leo vince bracket with their FE or did you just install it onto the bracket by drilling two holes and sticking the screws through? Can't post any pics right now as I'm in class, but if you guys want some to et a better idea of what I'm talking about I can when I get home.

Thanks in advance.
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You can shape the metal to fit the contour of the exhaust once it's tightened down. You can remove the exhaust strap from the can and see where it needs to be contoured to fit. The metal piece is to make the adj FE mount to the exhaust and is universal for the yoshi as well. Yoshi is more of a flat surface where the leo is more contoured. T
I had the same problem. Listen to T. He/they always have the answers!
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