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On Friday I learn that the company I have been with for 9 years cannot afford my position any longer. I am forced to take a step back in the company hierarchy. That’s not necessarily the problem, the problem is, is that I do not enjoy managing people in the service industry any longer. I am interested into changing my career direction. I excel working with my hands and creating things. I would rather be under my Jeep with a wrench in my hand any day. I did work in a garage for about two years right out of high school, it was fun for about six months then it got boring. You know the same thing every day. I need to create new things, not the same thing over and over.

So back on topic; I have always wanted to weld. I want to learn all there is to know about metals and what can be created with them for a practical use. I am particularly interested into tubing. Bending and welding of tubing. Building cages, tube frames; car and motorcycles/bicycle sounds like a good time and the creative side seems endless.

I am 29 years old, single, no kids and think that now is the time to head back to school and become certified in something I really want to do. I think want to master this art and become successful at it. Be it building race vehicles or custom motorcycles (the onslaught of chopper shows on TV only re-sparked my interest).

I am assuming that getting started at the local community college is the way to go. Is there another way to get going down the right path? If I really want to take this far what courses do or experiences should I check out? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
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