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Questions after reading twist of the wrist

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Bought and read Twist of the Wrist II today...understood everything and learned a ton!(I think the book has probably already payed for itself in mistakes I won't make now)

The one thing I had a question about was in the stearing section. It talks about weighting the outside peg and the using knees to help lean the that right or am I completly off?

Thanks for the help sportbikes are a million times different than the cruisers I've always ridden!
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SilverSurfer said:
Agreed. Too much confusion for new riders. It's more important to get the proper body position and learn to be smooth than it is weighting pegs.

Worry about that when you're really smooth.

Too many new riders get so focused on unimportant things like dragging knee or lap times when the main focus should be on learning to be smooth. The smoother you are, the faster you'll become.

Focus on vision, being smooth with everything (gas, brake, turns, etc) and everything else will start to follow.
I couldn't agree more. Sometimes we can get caught up in so many details that we completely overlook the big picture. If anyone is still working on some of the basics such as braking, shifting, body postion, and being smooth, then I wouldn't be worrying about having the right weight on the right peg at the right time. Sometimes too many details can blur the image.
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