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Questions after reading twist of the wrist

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Bought and read Twist of the Wrist II today...understood everything and learned a ton!(I think the book has probably already payed for itself in mistakes I won't make now)

The one thing I had a question about was in the stearing section. It talks about weighting the outside peg and the using knees to help lean the that right or am I completly off?

Thanks for the help sportbikes are a million times different than the cruisers I've always ridden!
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Hey man... The above guys all have valid points but don't get hung up on the peg weighting thing until you are racing. The bike, all bikes, are designed for easy turning around street traffic (and slow speeds on the track}.

Countersteering is minimum on the regular day to day activities. Slip your behind off the seat once in and a while and this will produce more benefit. Once your "racing" your will find yourself in sections that you need to physically steer the bike. "Counter steering" and then it will benefit you.

Just think about riding a bicycle... when you push on the bars, where do you go?
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