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Radiator fitment?

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Hey guys i have an '08 600 with a damaged radiator that needs to be replaced. Also, would other year models have the same exact radiator fitment? say like the '10... im looking at one for sale but not sure if i should get it.

thanks in advance..
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one way to check to see if parts are the same is just to go to and look up the part numbers on the rads for diff years, same part number means same part, means it will fit.

i personally do not know if an 05 rad will fit your o8 though.

also, you will see that i edited your post.
review the forum sales/wanted ad rules.

being that you are a new member you do not yet meet the requirements to post threads for items to be sold, or items you are looking to purchase
however, feel free to cruise the for sale threads and look for the parts you are trying to find, that you can do.

good luck
oh no problem.. thanks for the advise
no prob man! here to help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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