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readjust the valve clearance

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What happens to the engine when it is time to readjust the valve clearance?
Are there any special changes in the bike or symptoms that I can check?
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The only way to KNOW if you need to adjust your valve lash is to physically measure the clearance according to the service manual. It should be checked and adjusted as needed every 16,000 miles as per manual (07-12).

How many miles on your bike?
Umm.. 2006 24,000miles but i dunno ex owner did it or not
Common situation to be in.
You have to go in to reset your maintenance baseline.
It's like nuking the site from orbit..."It's the only way to be sure."
thanks for reply.
kinda i can hear clear sound of metal clashing . XD
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I'll give you both sides of the coin; at 17k miles I didn't need to do anything to my shims. I'm now at 30K miles and I'll recheck valve clearances again here soon. No one can really guess how your bike might run if the valve clearances need new shims. If the bike is running fine now then you should be OK for awhile longer. How long? Who knows. Usually you'll see a slow degrade in performance and most of the time its too subtle to even realize. The biggest PITA part of this job was getting the damn valve cover off. It's literally trying to fit a square part through a round frame.
Yes, the current condition of the motorcycle is quite satisfactory. Maybe I'll do shim's check at 30,000 miles like you. It was very helpful. Thank you. :D
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