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I purchased a used 07 600RR as my new track toy.
I didn't notice it when I bought the bike, but the rear brakes feel very vague.
Imagine a car with the engine off and you step on the brakes. The first time it feels fine, but the second time the pedal has need feedback.

I bled the rear brakes and there is good pressure and the pedal goes down when I release the valve on the rear caliper.
The rear rotors were recently switched to a wave rotor and you can see a quite a bit of wear as there is a noticeable grove from the pads. Pads are down to less than 50%.
When I push the caliper, it slides till the right side pad touches the rotor.

So it looks like the caliper is not releasing and the pads are touching the rotor.

I recently had to change out the rear shock as the spring adjuster was seized and I could not properly adjust the rear suspension to fit my weight.

I haven't had the time to pull the rear caliper from the bike, but do you think it is a bad caliper that is causing my issue or a faulty master cylinder?
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