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I had a mis-hap about 2 months ago... Let's start...

I was lane sharing... (lol.. you must know where this is going) Traffic was going at about 30 mph on the 10 east.. I was lane sharing with the fast lane at about 40 mph... me and a buddy of mine on a 07 RR was coasting... no problems with cagers... for maybe like 20 miles already... and then all of a sudden I got up to this white mini van.. (lady driver) she moves over just a little blocks me off... this happened right when I was about to pass her.. (stupid b!tch) any who.. she closes the lane and then slams on her brakes.. I did brake and lost a little control.. but MSF told me "" the exact steps I took... I regained control and then the dumb b!tch did it again... I tried to go around this time because it was a bit too late already... she keeps moving over ,.. so I had no choice.. I had to switch to the other lane.. yet did I know the other lane was braking too.. when I had seen that lane was braking I had to brake.. didnt have enough room to move around this other car..(I know. I shouldve left enough space) but this **** happened in like 5 seconds...all in all... I was trying to avoid an accident and got into another accident... .. ..... bike was damaged.. I rear ended an altima.. bike flipped foward.. I flew foward.. broke my right wrist.. .. Bike substained damage to sub frame, front rim, both mirrors, tail fairing, left side bar end (shogun) left side frame slider(shogun) upper stay, and intake tube..
Right now I am recovering from surgery of my right wrist.. been 2 months.. almost done.. i think...
All of the above damages has been repaired
But what I would like to know is...
I did rear end a car.. my concern is.. is my forks or frame damaged? i cannot see any problems or stress marks .. but I know my tire did hit the radiator and headers.. I see black rubber marks..
How should I go about checking this?.. to see if there is any damage done to the forks or frame.. maybe steering stem too?..
Can the forks bend back that far and touch those parts without any problems...
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