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Rear tire replacement???

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The rear tires on the 600rr is 180/55ZR-17. I was wondering if you guys know if it is ok to mount 190/50ZR-17 tires on the bike with the same rim? I like the fat-tire look like the 954rr. is there enough clearance and are there any weight issues?..thanks
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You want the look? Why did you but the 600 then? Putting a 190 will make the bike handle poorly and you won't get the use out of the tire that you will with the right one. It's not like a car where you can play around with tire widths, You have to keep the curved profile.
CBRBob's right! Stay with the 180s.
aight...thanks for the info... i'll stick w/ the 180's............
You would have no problems with a 190, except for maybe chain length. Handleing will be fine, actually it may steer just a bit faster but not much.
I also like the way that the larger tire looks...but i am a huge chopper fan...and i love those bikes with huge rear tires...but for a sportbike the best size for performance is a 180..or at least that is what i have been told....
Sorry fellas but tire sizes are starting to go up. The current hot tire in AMA racing is the D208GP=A ina 190 size and for FX and Superbike it is a 195 Slick. The 195 slick is what the top 4 FX honda bike ran at Daytona, Fontana and last weekend at Sear Point. The wheel on the RR is a 5.5 inch rim and only a few years ago th
at was an open class size rim now they are getting 6 inchers. My old F3 had a 5 inch. he 190 /195 tires are made for a 5.5 -6.0 inch rim.
Yea, 190 slick, not street tire. That 190 is also designed to go on the rim/bike combo as well. Playing with street tire like that dosent work.
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