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Rear Wheel.. Resistance?

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While cleaning my chain, I noticed that my rear wheel is not spinning as freely as I think it should be - at least compared to my other bike. With a gentle spin, it barely wants to rotate a full turn, whereas my other bike's wheel would rotate nice and free, nearly as well as the front wheel would.

Did I over-tighten the rear axle bolt when adjusting my chain, or is this right?
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Well, I oil my chain religously, and the bike has only about 4.5k on it, less than 2 months old - I wouldn't think the axle would need greasing already?

I do hear a bit of 'swish-swish' from my pads, but I've been told that this is normal, to an extent.

As best as I can tell (which should tell me something...) I did torque to 83 ft/lbs... to be honest, though, my current torque wrench is one of those handle-spin types, and the marks on it max out at 75 - I simply twisted a bit more, and was afraid that I wan't getting a good value out of it at that points.

Sounds like I need a new wrench - my fiancee's going to kill me :)
Thanks everyone... good advice!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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