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Rear Wheel.. Resistance?

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While cleaning my chain, I noticed that my rear wheel is not spinning as freely as I think it should be - at least compared to my other bike. With a gentle spin, it barely wants to rotate a full turn, whereas my other bike's wheel would rotate nice and free, nearly as well as the front wheel would.

Did I over-tighten the rear axle bolt when adjusting my chain, or is this right?
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Like New said, its probably rust build up on the axel. If you actually wash your bike with soap and water rust will show up on the axel, even more if you use a leaf blower to dry the bike off which forces water into areas it may not reach regularly. Take you rear wheel off and clean up that axel really good, then grease it with something like a lithium grease, something that's water proof.
James06CBR said:
Wouldn't Mobil 1 high temp synthetic grease be better than regular lithium grease that has a lower heat rating? This is a serious question, as I have both and I want to know which is best.
Dont know, ive never used that stuff. I just had some white lithium grease on hand and it works great. I did this quite a while ago and it still spins better now, after track days and about 2 months of riding, than it did before. But i dont wash my bike anymore either, just honda polish these days. If you want to use a mobil product than go right ahead.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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