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what do u guys think of sato rearsets
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I think they're nice.

What do you think of them?
Sato rearsets are some of the nicest rearsets that are made for the RR. They are super sticky and pretty easy to get replacement parts for. Let me know if you are interested in a set. PM me if you have any questions on them. Talk to you soon.

Chris MRI
I like the Sato but have you thought about getting the Vortex?
For the price and the availbility of parts for the vortex they cant be beat
When I am on my pegs, I feel planted. As mentioned, your shoe will stick to the pegs. If you wind up with them, be sure to tighten and loc-tite all bolts.

smooth levers (ball bearings are nice)
sturdy construction
elegant design

rear brake mount hard to adjust
no instructions to mount rear brake light
if you've got the money, i'd say Sato all the way, but if your like the rest of us, a little strapped for cash at times, then you might consider the vortex adjustable rearsets. they're a less expensive comprable alternative to the satos...
and never rule out the Gillies lovin' :)
I have the Vortex and i think they are great. I can highly recommend them.
I went with the Moris and love them but would have been just as happy with the more adjustable and much cheaper woodcrafts. You'll feel the same way about the Satos in the end. They are beautiful though.
sato are very trick.... but going with the general consensus... vortex are easily the best bang for the buck for what you get with the kit. but... sato and moriwaki are also very HIGH QUALITY stuff... and the wait for replacement parts between the japanese brands may only be 2-3 weeks more.

cheers... nick - mri
if you guys were going to build a set of custom rearsets.... what would be the top 3-5 things you would want from them. be specific....bearings, adj, etc etc

I have the tools at work to build stuff.... :cool:
i would want them to be made out of that liquid metal from the terminator 2, that way they could be FULLY adjustable... LOL

no seriously, i have no complaints. the vortexes are great.

i don't know if i'm starting to sit too far back on the seat or if i'm getting use to the vortexes, but the positioning is starting to feel too far forward again. i guess i should start using the passenger pegs... lol...
I think the vortexes are butt ugly

I don't think they match the rr very well

I'd go with either the satos or the aratas
woodcraft. hands down the best for the money, and you can swap oem parts into them for spares. amazingly tough metal. but the sato rearsets are definatly the highest quality that i've seen, if you've got the extra 200$ to spend over the woodcrafts.
Arata's are sweet
but Satos are better!

and the banjo bolt with the brake switch is easy to install. I did a thread on it recently..
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I with the satos had those wing-like heel guards on both sides for the rr....that would look so trick
vortext baby!!! woohhh, they've got the wing on both sides...

for those who can't tell, that's Havoc's bike...
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what kind of sprockets do u have on that bike
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