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Red light and Fl - 2003 (SOLVED)

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Just at the start of the season, the red light is coming on after about 30seconds of riding and the Fl pops up as well (stays on solid). I’m not noticing any performance issues, high temps, anything at all. Any ideas what it could be?
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No idea, you'll have to give us more data.
Any recent mods or maintenance on bike?
Get ECU to blink diagnostic codes on dash and we'll have more to work with.
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No recent mods or maintenance. There is a power commander installed, but it’s been there since before I bought the bike. I tried the trick for getting diagnostic codes, but nothing happens.
Check your MAP sensor vacuum tube on the (R) side under the tank cover. Sometimes it comes loose and causes the FI light with no real symptoms other than the light. It's a small 1/4" vacuum tube. Check both sides.

How did you check for codes?
Make absolutely sure that you maintain your battery voltage above 12.6v at all times. It should be 13.0v or higher on a fresh battery. If you try to run/crank the bike with low voltage it will destroy that PC3. I've already destroyed my old one.
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And before PC dies due to low-voltage during cranking, it often loses memory and corrupts its mappings. To troubleshoot, remove PC
Did you jumper DTC connector under seat? If there's no codes, ECU should still do steady blink of light on clocks.
Here’s my update; I replaced the speed sensor (which was bad; down to the metal in fact), and this issue resolved itself. Kinda crazy that it threw that code for that reason, bu there ya go. By the way, replacing your speed sensor is not as bad as it sounds…lol.

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Were you getting a MPH reading on your speedometer? Surely you would have noticed the gauge not working. So I hate to be skeptical and I hope you did resolve it but this is a strange fix.
I already knew my speed sensor was bad, and when I stop and think about it I’m pretty sure both problems started at the same time. I didn’t mention the sensor at first because I didn’t think they could be related.
If a signal goes through the ECU, they're related. Lesson learned.
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