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So thanks to this awesome how to by Jim Moore ( ) I'm no longer afraid of tearing into my forks and replacing the seals myself.

I know I need new seals on my street bike (06) and decided to check out the ones on my track bike (08) before I ordered the parts. Sure enough, I look at the left (clutch side) fork on the trackbike and there's fluid on the bottom of the fork and on the brake mount. Luckily it hasn't yet reached the brake pads and is not on the tires.

Anyway, since I had nothing else to do today, I decided to take apart the front end of the track bike and get the forks off. I take off the plastics and see this:

Do you see what I see?? How about another picture:

If you don't see it, I'll give you a hint... It's regarding the straightness of the fork tube. If you don't recall, I purchased this bike, a slightly wrecked 08 graffiti, about 9 months ago and as far as I could tell, it only had mostly cosmetic damage. Well... I take the fork legs off and set them on my kitchen table (the flattest surface I can think of) and give them a roll.

Here's pictures of the left (leaky) fork with the forward facing side of the fork facing down:

And for comparison, a picture of it rolled 180 degrees:

As you can see from where it touches (and does not touch) the table, it appears that the damage to the bike was a bit more than cosmetic and I've got a bent fork tube. Question is... It looks like the manual gives values that the tube can be bent, but I don't have one of those fancy devices for measuring it. Looks to me like it should be replaced though since it's probably what is causing the leaky seals.

Anyway, a few questions now:
1) Anyone got a left fork tube for sale? :)
2) Are the fork seals on an 08 the same as an 06 (so I could buy one set and fix the one leaky seal on both bikes)?
3) Since the right leg of my track bike is not leaking and appears not bent, is it necessary to replace the seals/fluid in it as well when I do the left one?
4) It looks like the bent fork took most of the force during the wreck, since it bent... but how can I tell if the triple tree is tweaked as well?
5) Can I buy just the top, black part of the fork? I don't know if the shiny silver part that goes up inside it is bent, but I know the black upper part is.

I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting... any other suggestions, let me know.

And to end this giant post, I'd just like to say that bikes look really funny like this:

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1)I've got some fork legs for sale. See the sig.
2)Nope. The only thing the 05-06 and 07-10 forks share is fluid.
3) If one is leaking, the other is soon to leak. I'd check it on v-blocks or on a flat surface as well, because it's common for both legs to bend in a front end crash. Kinda strange for just one to bend since the whole front end moves together.
4)You can pull the triple trees off and place them on a flat surface. If they look off or tweaked, they're bent. Since the bent looks like it's below the triples, I wouldn't worry about them being bent.
5) I don't believe you can. It's likely that there's damage on the inner fork tube as well since the bushings wouldn't be sliding in the fork properly.

Edit: The max runout the manual says is .2mm (.1mm actual runout). To put that in perspective, sheet of paper is anywhere from .05mm to .07mm thick. 4 sheets of paper minimum is the most the forks can be bent and still functional, 2 sheets of paper from the center point.
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