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Weeks back dealer installed me new rear blinkers that come on sequence and had to a resistors front and back $200
Yesterday had a guy come to house for $100 and he replaced flush mounts and wired up my blinker mirrors and now the rear signal lights that use to blink sequence doesn’t anymore. Half just blinks in the rear and he erased what dealer did by not adding resistors for the two things he added. I texted him but I will see if he returns to correct this. Also I have a replacement lower body piece that’s gray with Honda on it and had at a guys place to be painted and he had for two weeks so I cslled and said I think you may be two busy for this little job and maybe I should just hit it with spray can and clear. Dude just said “ I will bring it back and hung up next thing you know he’s in my driveway dropping it off and drove off. I thought ?? He just could have communicated and said oh I started on it already and primed it which he did but nooo he pouted and got mad.
so guess I just get paint from color rite and paint lower piece myself


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