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I'm throwing this review up here because this company advertises universal levers that will fit our 600rr's, but their customer support is completely non-existent after purchase. Just a 'buyer beware' as there's dozens of other reputable manufacturer's of aftermarket lever's for our bikes that are 100% backed by the companies that sell them.

Purchased "HD Style Levers" from them in June 2020 for my Harley (i know i know, boo!), as they advertise "...made to install without modification...". After receiving and test fitting, noticed they do not have a neutral switch engagement - which I kind of need as it's one of the ways of disengaging cruise control.

They were <24-hours quick to respond to me about purchasing, but once I brought up questions on returns - or if I got the wrong product from them based off their advertisement, they ghosted me.

So, I wrote a negative review on their website to catalyze a conversation and noticed after a few days and a few 'thumbs up' on it, the company deleted it. Figured I'd memorialize my interaction via 'social media' since they're censoring sites they control. I was able to reach someone via chat on their Instagram page yesterday - again after posting a few negative comments about their customer support, who promised to relay this information to someone who would be able to talk to me about a return. Another 24-hours later, and they're now deleting and censoring comments on their Instagram and have not responded.

I'm usually not one to publicly bash a company... in fact, this is a first for me. But in all my years of "blindly" purchasing things from online stores and from strangers on for-sale forums like this one (which takes a huge leap of faith), I've never been burned before until now.
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