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Review of Motofans Fairings

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So Ive been riding around with rattle can special fairings for about 5 years now because I was just too damn lazy and cheap to spend $2700 on new OEM Fairings.

Cliff notes:
Fit 7/10
Some gaps here and there, minimal at best, under the nose is a tough fit, but it's internal and you cant see it.
Finish 8/10
Couple blems in the paint and logos. Some paint missing on the tail above the tail light. Nothing to complain about though.
Value 10/10
Easily a solid value. You are getting all the fairings you need, how ever you want them to look. If you take your time and fit things together BEFORE you mount them on the bike you will save yourself A TON of headaches and the mounting will be a lot easier

So i bit the bullet and ordered a set of OEM style 2006 Black fairings for a 2003 RR. They are all black with Red logos on the tank and lower fairings. I ordered them on or around June 18, or 19. I received them on July 19, so it took about a month to get here. Shipping was fine, nothing was damaged during shipping. The tracking number didnt ever work because there was a second number that I needed that I never received, but I wasnt really concerned about it.

As far as the fairings, Im impressed for the money I spent. $469 shipped is one hell of a deal. I only had 1 major issue and that was with one of the ram air covers. The tab that holds the well nut was bent almost 90 degrees when it should have been straight. No big deal though. I grabbed my heat gun, warmed it up a bit and bent it back myself without ruining the paint. I dont recommend using a dremmel to make the holes bigger. Use an auger instead. Its faster and easier IMO. The underside of the front fairing was a little gappy. Things didnt seem to fit great in there, but one everything is bolted in, its not coming apart. Very snug fit and gaps are minimal. But its internal and under the front nose. You wont ever notice it. Fit was about a 7/10. I wasnt expecting bolt up OEM, but it still required some work.

So I took everything off my bike and decided to fit all the grommets 1 at a time and then put everything on at one. Most everything went on OK. There was some pushing, pulling, cussing and fighting, but amazingly, everything lined up pretty well. Its strange because you normally want to work backwards in putting the fairings on, as in you want to do the opposite of taking them off. But that doesnt work with these fairings. You have to just sort of work them on, and do it in any order that works. The right side gave me tons of trouble, but the left side was uneventful and a breeze.

I recommend fitting any interlocking pieces, like the underbelly fairings, before bolting them up. its just easier and you can shave the pieces for an easy fit as needed.

Finish was good. There are a couple of blems in the paint, but I cant complain. Its going to get beat up when I ride it anyway and since Im not a Ducati snob, I actually ride my bike. I went with black in case there were some gaps. That way the gaps wouldnt contrast with the fairing color. Decent idea IMO. And it does seem to minimize the gaps in a couple places.

All in all Im pretty impressed. Time will tell how these hold up, but Im very happy so far. Pics if i can figure out how to get them off my phone without pulling the sd card or hooking my phone up to my computer.

Solid work Motofans :thumbup:

Only serious complaint i have is to do some work on the rear solo cowl or dont bother with it. No hardware to attach the cowl to the mounting piece, so you have to figure that out yourself and the rubber pad was cheap and had fold marks in it. I happen to have a Honda OEM one, so its not a big deal to me, but that piece needs serious work. Easily the weakest part of the kit. But not a deal breaker by any means. Just a suggestion.


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When I did my motofans kit for the seat cowl I went to ace hardware and got some clip nuts, slipped them over the tabs and it mounted easy, I added a few washers between the The cowl itself and the plastic mount because it was rubbing on the tail, works great now. And yea, the rubber piece on the cowl was shitty, the rubber tabs ripped off instantly, I just glued it on with some liquid nail, been fine since.

Your bike is looking good bro!
I thought about getting a couple of small springs and washers to put between the cowl itself and the mounting piece. That way you can easily tighten the screws down, and compress the screws to clean up the gaps and the height of the cowl. But i happen to have an OE one so its not really a big deal for me.
nice review, thats my quote BTW, hahahahah
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