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i have made 2 orders from them.. the first, i didnt get a order received email or nothing.. I called, to NO answer. I emailed with no replys. i got a order pending status. I ask on here, with nothing. All the sudden 11 days later i received my order.

With that being said, they are HORRIBLE at doing business. I ordered a set of tire warmers, along with 2 sets of rear sets, and a set of clip ons..

The tire warmers have a 1 year warranty... I went to use mine this weekend at a race, (i tested them before the race also), and they will NOT work.. they leave stupid hot places and cold places all over the tire.. they will NOT leave a consistant warmth.. Then, if i set them at my specific temp, they either go about 15 degrees above my set temp, or will not reach the temp i desire.. I called and emailed 3 times each before the race, to see what i could do to fix the issue, and got no answer on the phone, and NOT a single reply to my emails.

Just going to say, if you order from these people, DONT expect ANY type of talk, email, or questions answered, or responded too..

I hate throwing people under the bus, but im over it...

so in reality, there is NO warranty
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