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Hey guys, i recently had the opportunity to visit RG3 suspension in Anaheim, CA, and i cannot say enough good things about this company. They were some of the most professional and courteous people i have dealt with in a very long time. I originally wanted to go to RG3 for my friends 2010 Daytona 675 street triple, so he could get his suspension dialed in. You know, basic suspension settings. As for me, my right fork was leaking since the last track day i went to at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, so i thought id give RG3 a try at just replacing my fork seals. When i arrived in Anaheim with my trailer, i pulled up to a small office with a parking lot that could fit my trailer and truck. We walked in and were greeted by Keith, the guy we originally made the appointment with. Keith just told my friend to bring his Triumph around the back so they could immediately start dialing in his suspension. As for me, Keith sat me down and started to ask me how old my bike was and what type of riding style i did, and what i really expected from my suspension, and how it currently felt. After all the details Keith began to explain the complex internal details of how my forks work and what they could and couldnt do for me. And after all the explaining we came to the conclusion it would best for me to completely rebuild my front suspension with oem parts but tune it for my riding style (TRACK), Height, and Weight. I was really excited to know that they could rebuild my front end, but my real concern was the cost! But to my surprise Keith started to break down the cost and the total only came to around $300.00. I couldnt believe the cheap cost and how much they were willing to discount on labor and parts, not to mention the detailed and extremely courteous service. I literally felt educated about suspension after we had finished our conversation. Keith said he would be in touch with the progress of the build and said he would be calling me in a few days to get the suspension dialed in with my weight, height, and riding style. Oh and as for my friend, when we were done loading his bike back into the trailer we turned to Keith and asked when we should settle the bill for the Triumph. He just looked at us and said "What bill?, the suspension tune is free guys, have a good day." My friend and I were amazed at the service these guys were throwing at us, and we had never even met them before. All in all, i would have to say im a now a devoted fan of RG3 SUSPENSION, and their great company. Ill update the progress of my suspension as it progresses thanks for reading guys, just had to let you know how awesome it is to get great service at a great price. :shakehand :cruising:
Read their testimonials, their known for winning tons of MX championships but are kinda unknown in the street and track racing.

SOrry for the long read, but these guys were really awesome.
Oh and when i stepped into their garage, it was immaculate. All the mechanics were in matching uniforms and the tools and all the suspension stuff was neat and clean, not a normal messing motorcycle garage im use to seeing lol. I felt like i was in a professional motogp suspension garage.
-THey also provide unlimited phone support for your suspension and will rework your suspension if needed. You cant beat continuing support for your suspension long after installation.
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