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riding in the rain, episode II

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I had to ride through this again! (It was worse than it looks!)

It rained so hard water was creeping past my rainsuit!

On the way home two very stupid high school kids wearing black decided to jaywalk in front of me. I gave them a good scare as my wheels locked up and I skidded for about 30 feet. That was pretty interesting.

Yet, I have to say, the D208s are doing a very good job in this deluge. I'm not really pushing to find the limits of their wet traction, and I'm certainly not riding like I do on a dry day, but I've ridden through about the worst weather we ever have, and with caution only once (stupid kids) did the tires give.
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my d208's are awesome in the rain. even gave them the tropical storm test a while back :lol2:
yeah man, that pic doesn't do justice as to what is actually happening. i can barely see across the residential area i live in, i can only see the houses that are about 50 yards away... crappy weather we having here in hawaii - ride safe chris!
If you can see its not that bad! Haha j/k
You should be a pro at riding in the rain by now.
according to smoke , you perfect your skills by riding in the rain :burnout:
Rain every day for the last 2 weeks here in Portland...I feel you guys.
i got stuck in the down poor on thur with my bike. That was not enjoyable.
CorleoneRR said:
You should be a pro at riding in the rain by now.
Thanks. But until I can do this

I'm just a sad wannabe.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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