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Due to the holiday period, there's more police on the road to make sure people are following the rules raise revenue.

So I've been pretty much at the speed limit or 5 km/h under since yesterday, but there are obviously some people who want to drive 25 km/h over. Going along the main road yesterday evening I spot a Ducati Panigale coming up behind me at a high rate of knots. I was in the fast lane and would have gone over but there was a bus in the slow lane dropping people off.

So now the Ducati is tailgating me. I was sure of it: some tool who can barely ride, brand new Ducati, trying to prove a point, probably.

There was not much I could do with the bus, so I kept to the speed limit, in my lane. Shortly afterwards, a Hyundai started tailgating the Ducati. The bus switched over to the fast lane shortly before I passed it, so I merged into the slow lane, and the two goons behind me followed suit.

Deciding that he didn't want to wait any longer, he just split beside me and the bus and took off. The Hyundai got a bit excited and started tailgating me now, moving from side-to-side in his lane to probably try and get my attention. I just ignored it and kept going (this is a long straight road by the way).

After about 20 seconds he started getting even closer, so I gave him the finger. That was it. Now he started drifting across both the lanes, clearly agitated. Thinking that if I can't have much fun over the limit, I'd do it under. So I cut 10 km/h, funnily enough, so did the bus?? A set of lights in front and it turned red. Quite enjoying it now, I stopped and turned around to give him the finger again.

Big mistake. I wasn't quite thinking who could be driving it as I couldn't see the driver in the mirrors. Some huge tattooed twat, complete with backwards baseball cap. It took me a second to process, what's he doing in a brand new Hyundai, is he driving his mum's car? He got out, and I immediately regretted my decision. Fortunately the light turned green so I gave him some season's greetings and took off... the next red light with roid-rage right clocking in 10 seconds later. This time I knew there was no green light any time soon, big intersection, with several directions of traffic waiting their turn. He didn't need any encouragement, got straight out and made a run towards me. Decided I didn't want 120kg of protein shake on top of my bike and me, so I jumped the red...with him running into the intersection after me.

Anyone else got a road rage story they'd like to share?
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