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My friend and I have been in the market for motards. He just got a 2006 DRZ 400sm, same bike I want, and I got to ride it. I should have mine by this weekend.
The drz owns the corners. It is rediculous. It gives you so much confidence. i came flying up to a corner that had a lot of sand, and it just slid right thru no problem. What every one says is true, the bike needs more horsepower. It is weak in stock form. gutless. but it corners and would be great for stunting. $500 worth of mods would really open it up, powerwise. I am definetly glad I got to ride it because I want one even more now. it does look goofy seeing someone ride it in full sportbike gear, but he was owning me. I was behind him on the rr and couldn't keep up with him in the twisty's.
The drz also has great brakes, stop or endo on a dime. The suspension takes up so much of the imperfections in the road, and it is comfy riding. hard seat, but nothing a rr owner wouldn't be used to. Also, even with street tires, it handles good off road if you are familiar with dirtbikes. I went flying thru his field and onto the road, getting some air out of the ditch. When we were in town, he would have that thing leaned so far over taking the 90 degree corners thru town. it is very fun and I would definetly recommend it to anyone that rides for fun.

Then, his dad has a 2004 haybusa. Ugly, and I never liked them really. His dad had to go to the lumber yard with his truck and wanted his bike filled up with gas so he could take it to work when he got back. so my friend (on his '04 R1) and I went to town.
The busa is only good for one thing - speed. I was in 6th and rolled on it hard, and was doing 160mph in no time at all. 6th gear roll on feels like 3rd gear roll-on on the 600rr. I couldn't believe how fast that thing is. and comfy too. it corners and brakes poorly, but it flys.
anyways, I will post a DRZ-400sm review after I put a few miles on it this weekend.
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