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thought these were just hilarious!

1. I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Ron Paul.
2. Dr. Ron Paul delivered Chuck Norris.
3. Ron Paul’s tears can shrink government. Too bad he never cries
4. Studies by the World Health Organization show that Ron Paul is the leading cause of freedom among men.
5. Ron Paul took a lie detector test. The lie detector tapped out.
6. Ron Paul doesn’t cut taxes. He kills them with his bare hands.
7. Jesus wears a wrist band that says “What Would Ron Paul Do?”
8. Ron Paul doesn’t go to the gym. He stays fit by exercising his civil rights.
9. Ron Paul delivers babies without his hands. He simply reads them the Bill of Rights and they crawl out in anticipation of freedom.
10. Ron Paul wasn’t born, he liberated himself from the womb.
11. Ron Paul’s idea of Gun Control is both hands on the weapon.
12. Ron Paul doesn’t pee. He liberates urine.
13. The Chicken crossed the road to vote for Ron Paul.
14. God calls Ron Paul for advice.
15. Ron Paul knows dozens of words that rhyme with “orange”.
16. Ron Paul gets high on freedom.
17. Ron Paul doesn’t act like a patriot, a patriot acts like Ron Paul.
18. Ron Paul turned down Superman’s job.
19. Ron Paul can believe it’s not butter.
20. In Braveheart, Mel Gibson was originally supposed to scream “RON PAUL!” however, it was changed to just “Freedom!” for legal reasons.
21. Ron Paul knows how LOST is going to end.
22. Ron Paul named his fists “Freedom” and “Justice”.
23. When Chuck Norris gets scared, he goes to Ron Paul.
24. Ron Paul is an element on the periodic table.
25. Ron Paul could lead a horse to water AND convince it to drink, but he doesn’t believe the government has the right to so he refuses.
26. King Midas shook hands with Ron Paul once. Nothing happened.
27. When socialism goes to sleep at night, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul.
28. If Ron Paul had lived in Sparta, the movie would have been called “1″.
29. Ron Paul is the most interesting man in the world.
30. Ron Paul had an awkward moment at a debate once, just to see what it was like.


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dude you just read the facts, he turned down supermans job, that makes him a superhero by default.

i see your point tho, being against liberty and all but i support your decision to move and become a prospering member of north korea. you will be missed surely
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