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trying to figure out why my bike is running the way it is.

when i get going at any steady speed, it feels like ive got some hesitation, and i cant be sure but it sounds like the bike is jumping 50 or 100 rpm repeatedly, but i can definately feel it.

also when the bike is warmed up and idling the idle is not as smooth as it always has been either.

i can sorta hear this wom wom wom wom wom sound as im riding down the road.

its a 07 600rr with custom exhaust and 520 15/44 chain and sprockets. the last time i did my sprockets/chain i only replaced the rear sprocket so there is a tight spot in my chain, but i thought since the front sprocket and chain were ok id just replace the rear, bad idea i find. i have to run the chain somewhat loose but i keep my eye on it.

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