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Hey guys,
So I've been scouring posts on here with no avail. I'm almost to the point of running my bike off a cliff and claiming insurance. It's got full coverage for a reason right?

I have a 2003 cb600rr with 37k mi. I have a slip on exhaust and a k&n filter. No PC or anything else.

So this started when I washed my bike with soap and water.
Started the bike the next day and it wouldn't say running-it sounded like it choked itself out. So I cranked up the idle screw to keep it running without any throttle. Wasn't sure what was wrong so I changed the fuel that was in there and put some injector cleaner in the gas tank. Tried running that for a bit and the idle started to go up so I thought it was the injectors. Sent them out and had them cleaned and flow tested as well as changing the plugs. Tore everything apart down to the throttle body and popped it off to un stick the froze idle cable. Put it all back together and it worked like a dream for a weekend. I had no issues while I was out. We went slow and fast, turned off and on a few times-normal operations. Then it sat a day in my garage, I went to start it up the next day and it was the same ol ****. -_-
So I took out the upper injectors and cleaned them. Checked the fuel pressure and its spot on. Checked the TPS, IAT, MAP and even swapped ecu's with a 2004. Still ran like nuts-and actually stopped starting. Took out the plugs again and they were of course fouled so we cleaned them and put them back in and it started again.

What else could be wrong? I'm literally running out of ideas.

-runs rich and spits out unused fuel out of the exhaust
-fouls plugs in no time flat
-shoots 2ft. flames
-will stay running now but sounds like it wants to choke itself out
-no FI codes

Any ideas?
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