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Sad day for me

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So I'm selling the bike today. Had it for almost exactly a year but its time to let it go. It is my only vehicle right now and its starting to be monsoon season, don't feel like doing it again as I did last year. So the time had to come to sell it. Although, the year I had it, I've done a few things to it,but most importantly I put 15,000 miles on it and now I'm selling it for 300 more than I paid for it! Replacing it with a 1st gen awd talon with aprx 400awhp tho... I know it will never be the same, but one day I will get another bike. Hopefully when I get back from my tour to korea they will have released a new model and I can be lucky enough to scoop one up! I guess thats about it, just wanted to share my depression with everyone haha. Thank you all for the very helpful community and I WILL be back for sure!
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you dont have wet weather gear for the 15 days you might get rain?

**** man, i live in the valley and have wet weather gear
I thought DSMs had reliability problems? I bet the CBR doesn't.
I thought DSMs had reliability problems? I bet the CBR doesn't.
My thoughts exactly :+1:
I thought DSMs had reliability problems? I bet the CBR doesn't.
In your face! lol
haha, yea when not done right every car has reliability problems. I could live through the weather as I did last year, just dont want to. With it being my only vehicle, I run into some issues, like having to borrow vehicles from friends which I really don't like doing. I didn't want to sell the bike when the guy came to get it, but like I stated, I WILL get another cbr!
I thought DSMs had reliability problems? I bet the CBR doesn't.
The 4G63 blocks those DSM's come with are pretty stout motors and are well known for taking large amounts of boost reliably. Unfortunately most DSM on the used market have been beat on a lot and maybe that's why they encounter problems usually associated with older cars. Same goes for Evos, its hard to find one that hasn't been abused by some 20 something who thinks their invincible just because their car has AWD.:crackup:

Anyway, hope to see you back on a bike soon.
:bitch: don't do it...
yeah, good luck with the sale --- go'ta do what you go'ta do - later :ciao:
Wish it were more logical to not sell the bike, but its gone already now, can't turn back. As for the car, I know the guy that built the motor and bottom end and top end are both completely built. He is the second owner of the car and the engine itself only has 22k on it over the last 3 1/2 years since the build. Everything is done the right way and has been used, but not to the point of abuse. Picking it up in about an hour.
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