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San Fran bay area riders

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I went to a barf neet last week and we had 7 600RR's awesome. Just wanting to know how many people on this board are from the bay area.
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barfer here, Gotone is my name there. I never went to a meet before. I'm in the Coast Guard so i go ride when ever im not working. I also plan on going to so trackdays thou.

Oh wait I just wanna say Im not From the bay area just station here. I'm from Mid-Ohio.
Yea, I know where that is. I'm on one of the "cutters" Boutwell 719 we just got back from the war, in late july. I still have friends that are in the marines and army that still over there, All the best wishes to them hope to see them soon!
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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