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San Fran bay area riders

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I went to a barf neet last week and we had 7 600RR's awesome. Just wanting to know how many people on this board are from the bay area.
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thanks buddy :lol2: :lol2:
ill give you a month with sunshine, then it can rain :D
you know of any smooth turny roads around our area?
Mines rd/Delpourto, Berkley hills, marsh creek,morgan territory, and up 49 to name a few although marsh creek and morgan territory too much traffic, cop's deer, but very fun non the less.
ill have to get in contact with you when i get my bike and we'll go ridin.
heres a weird thing. when i would be ridin my bike around antioch or on marsh, i would never see a biker. every time i would be in a car on marsh or drivin some where in antioch id see a crap load of them. always weird to me, lol.
can some of you help me out any bike nights up north that u know of that are happening weekly can you send me a pm if you got the info

yeah BARF holds alot. Fremont on thrusdays, San Jose on tuesdays.
Marin County Thursday nights from 6 or 7 to whenever. We usually do Starbucks in Terra Linda or Marin Brewing Company in Larkspur Landing.
Hey Bad600 and fabman, I live in Antioch also. Just two days ago, I saw a black RR with a girl on the back and then right after I filled up at the Shell on Lonetree, I saw a yellow RR go was probably around noon or so... if that was one of you guys, let me know. I have a red and black 04 RR.
Do they do any meets up North at Fairfield? I usuall am there once or twice a month. I even hang out at the starbucks on Texas st., right off the HWY 80 checkin for riders to come in. Always see them at odd times (already leaving) or I am coming back down south to home.
On barf same handle, I go to the SF meets :bounce:
A little too much for me, I like the other fiat version better!

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yay area here! and also a Barf member.
I occasionally go with BigB's Mellow rides. People are friendly, occasional D.A here and there but most of the time, you'll have fun. I'm down for an RR meet and greet too.

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Holy freaking zombie apocalypse superman!!
Brought back a 9 year old thread.
A little too much for me, I like the other fiat version better!

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this, sir, was a rather epic thread bump. lol.

i'm up in vacaville, ride down to burlingame for work. i'm on BARF, but not often. since the weather is starting to get nice though, perhaps we could do a norcal dot net meet.
Since I just signed up on here & BARF, maybe I'll make it out to a meet next week. Where in SJ/Fremont do you guys meet at?
im from Fairfield area...anyone in the area ???lets do a meet and off on weekends..
Fremont here. I notice bay area folks don't seem to meet in groups. Wherever I go I see mostly single or group of up to a few most. Whenever I go to LA around sunset or Santa Monica there are lot of riders riding together. One time i came across 6 guys with a leader. Other time there were few dozen. Wonder why bay area fills don't do it. I tried to form a riding group but most friends associates don't ride few of them who ride together are hard to come together. I would love to join in a riding group.

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