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Saw a guy today, silver 06 CBR600RR traveling 110N between San Pedro and Torrance.

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I saw a guy today at around 1PM on a stickerless silver 06 CBR600RR traveling the 110N between San Pedro and Torrance. My girlfriend called him a squid for the tennis shoes. I said I would give him the benefit of the doubt because of the helmet, jacket, and gloves. Then he did a few lane changes, one in front of me without checking mirrors or anything, guy damn near got killed. So, I define you as a squid based on your stupid driving that almost made us both crash and your tennis shoes while riding, of all places, on the freeway. Gear up bro and check those mirrors before lane changes...not everyone is looking out for you.
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Lately I have seen quite a few idiots riding around without any gear at all near Torrance:(
Yep, we are surrounded by squids. I rode next to a guy on an 05 red CBR600RR the other day...going down Western Ave. in the Gardena area. He had a t-shirt on and tennis gloves...just a helmet. He looked over at me as if I was over-geared. I wanted to kick him off his bike for that disrespectful look he gave me. He took off at the light like a bat out of hell in a highly cop patrolled area, stupid punk. Geez, when I see another rider, especially CBR, I ride with him if we are on the same route.
I havent seen any friendly RR riders in Torrance..
90% of riders in the inland empire dont wear gear...sad but true
most the sport riders near me never have gear. my jacket/gloves/helmet is more than ive ever seen any of them wear most of the time. I dont own boots or pants though i probably should.
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