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Scorpio i900 and Fuel Pump Wire

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Scorpio i900 and Fuel Pump Wire & Aerial

I found a few threads from 2009 talking about installing the i900 but they seem to peter out without a definative answer as to what wire to use for the Ignition Disable.

<EDIT> By taking the largest wire from the bottom of the relay I (Brown with Silver dabs) I found the fuel pump did not buzz when you turned the ignition. So I cut this and after setting up the alarm it makes the bike sputter to a stop when activated.

Where did you guys mount your FM aerial? I have ran it to the side of the tail fairing and stuck it to the inside of the largest most curved section to get it as vertical as possible but there is still metal on the inside here, wondering if I would be better just horizontal at the rear edge?
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