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$200 and your good stock headlight assembly takes it all. I'm trying to get the bike close to stock as possible.
What you get: a complete headlight with an e55 bixenon projector in the low beam with hella gen4 ballast and ignitor. Will also include whatever wiring I have with a genuine bosch relay, relay harness and fused line. Pretty much everything from my bike.

What needs to be done to be complete? Fine tuning of aiming of the projector for your bike, reconnect a solenoid wire for your HID high and seal the back of the headlight housing which is currently taped shut. It's ghetto but I just lost interest. Parts alone are worth the $200 I want. Prefer a local sale...Otherwise I will wait for someone to ship me their stock headlight before I send mine out. Has a blue parking light Simonster was kind enough to give to me as well as a yellow h7 55w bulb in the high beam slot that has worked out awsome as a fog/backup.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts