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another craigslist scam... send hate mail to [email protected]
I'm the owner of 2002 Honda CBR 954 on which you've recently show interest through craigslist. The bike is in proper shape and in perfect running condition. The bike is flawless it has never been laid down and it has a clear US title in hand. The price for the bike is $2,400 US shipping and handling included in price, because I have my husband at DAS and I benefit by their services for free once per year. I am located in London U.K now and it will be shipped from here. Shipping will be done via DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers) and it will take no more then 4 days (depending on your exact location). Since the bike is a US model and they are different from the European models. I am practically giving it away but I don't have other choice. You will receive this along with all papers and receipts that you need to register it in your name.
The transaction will be made through SquareTrade as a third party in the deal for our own protection. In case we will close this deal, you are protected by SquareTrade.Your funds will be 100% insured by SquareTrade and I will be sure that I will receive the payment. One conclusion, we are protected! Just reply me back if you are still interested!
I'll look forward to hearing from you !!

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