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My friends call me Shaggy, nice to meet ya! 馃

I'll start with some background, get ya caught up to where I'm at with Reggie (I name all my vehicles), then get on to the project I'm doing now, custom paint.... More on the custom paint below, with pics if ya want to skip ahead.

Bought my by bike Jan of '21, so I've had him almost 1.5 years. The previous owner didn't know how to ride and the body showed it, cracks in several places from being slow speed dropped, etc. It was low miles for being 6 years old in a place you can ride year round, and I got a good price because cosmetically it needed some work.

2015 cbr600rr- completely stock
4700 miles (at time of purchase)
Currently 10.5k-11k miles

Phone charger
Phone holder
Corbin seat (much better for my old arse!)
*Carbon fiber clutch pack
*Motul race oil
*Engine Ice coolant
Mich Road5's
Chain and sprockets, -1f +2r
Speedo healer

* These 3 things were done strictly to reduce heat. I'm in the desert, and I often find myself high in the revs. When it's 110f plus outside, reducing a few degrees is a good thing. All 3 were done at the same time, engine temps after were 8-10f cooler, riding how I always ride.

Just completed a suspension rebuild!!!
Bought a used stock shock and sent it off to get rebuilt, revalved, and re-sprung. I rebuilt my forks, slight increase in spring rate and length. Had to modify the pre-load spacer to compensate for longer springs. Have a decent base setup, world's above pre rebuild, but still have a lot of testing and tuning to find that happy spot.

Next project is replacing the body. I'm going with unpainted, and when I get them in I'll have to strip my bike and do a full install to make sure fitment is good before they go to paint. I have a friend that has a paint booth in his home shop, I've seen some of his work, it'll look nice. He's never sprayed a pearl before and wants to try it, so I'll get a 2-3 tone custom pearl paint job for the cost of materials, plus I get to learn about painting without a rattle can. 馃榿

So now you know a bit about what I've done, and what I'm planning to do. Now let's get to the project at hand. Since my factory body is beat up anyway I'm doing a rattle can paint job. I'm not too worried about quality or overall look, I mean I don't want to be embarrassed since it is still my only transportation, but I really want to get the design right before we spray the new body. If I can put what's in my head onto my old panels then the final paint job will be exactly what I want.

I'm starting 2-tone, just starting a base design that I can build on after I see it. Base color is black, using an orange rattle can to accent.

I just started masking lines, working with the natural lines. Eventually pulled the nose cone, fender, and belly pan. The upper panels I can do on the bike with just some extra over-spray protection, but these ones I had to pull to get them how I wanted.
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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Land vehicle Vehicle

Here's the windscreen, already painted and dry.
Amber Drinkware Automotive lighting Orange Tints and shades

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Painted the windscreen from the under side.
Light Amber Orange Textile Sleeve

Of course, just as I started painting it started to rain. I was able to get 2 coats on the pieces I pulled, nose cone, belly pan, front fender. My well house turned into a drying room. Lol

Wall Electrical wiring Gas Wood Engineering

Nose cone
Hood Automotive design Automotive lighting Orange Motor vehicle

Orange Comfort Automotive design Automotive exterior Gadget

Belly pan sides
Helmet Hood Automotive lighting Orange Automotive tire

Piano Orange Keyboard Line Musical instrument

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Looking awesome!!! 馃憢

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It turned into Christmas, there's a pile of tape and newspaper on the floor, lol. Nose cone got good enough coatings I didn't need to touch up any thin spots, so I got anxious and took a peak.

Keep in mind, I'm only doing design tests for a paint job on a new body kit, so there will be runs and bubbles and I'm not really worried about them. The edges are a little rough, that will probably anoy me, maybe I'll lightly sand and do a red pinstripe to hide it better? The orange is there to stay, and black and red in some form or another.

Here's the nose cone unmasked.
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looking good! Personally I've had great results with bright-white or silver as base-coat. Makes colour-coats "pop" more.
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Weather was on my side today. Got the upper panels done.

After all the trouble masking and covering everything, I should have just taken the damn panels off. Lol.
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I think it turned out pretty decent, it'll look good from a distance, lol. I'm really beginning to like the way its coming together. Doing some touch up stuff on the panels I pulled.

Here's the upper panels done and the entire panel clear coated.
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Tire Fuel tank Wheel Automotive lighting Automotive tire

I haven't figured out what to do with the tank cover and tail. It'll probably be obvious once I've got everything on that's done.

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All the panels are dry enough to handle, carefully. Lol. So I decided to start putting him back together. Weather forecast for the next week is rain storm's mid day but dry mornings and afternoons. Gonna take a few weeks for the paint to fully cure. It's my only transportation right now so iiwii, I'll just have to try and plan errands around the weather. Lol

Here's what I got done today, before the storms came. If you can't see me, you ain't looking! lol. Also, no way I'm getting away with ****....
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Vehicle brake

Tire Automotive lighting Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle

Waiting out the storm so I can finish putting on the nose cone. Lol
Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood

I like how it looks for the most part, there's a few things I should've done different. And I'm thinking of flip flopping the red and black. All in all it's been a fun project. The final design on the new body kit is gonna look really good, and the quality will be there. I didn't even sand any panels, I cleaned them, wiped with alcohol, and painted. Lol

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Awesome paint job!!!
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